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About Us?

What is IACRR?

IACRR was founded in January 2017 in Australia. It is an international nonprofit organization set up to promote and develop Coastal Reservoirs (CR). IACRR welcomes members from various sectors such as engineers, scientists, researchers, industry players, suppliers, contractors, developers, water agencies, operators and decision makers.

CR is a paradigm shift in water resources development from storing water in inland dams to storing freshwater by the coast. This converts floodwater into valuable water resources closer to the demand centres. IACRR will be the platform for sharing of knowledge and experience to ensure successful implementation of CR worldwide.


The IACRR recognizes that:

  1. Freshwater can be developed from the sea without desalination; Coastal reservoirs may dominate future water supplies as the world is only using 5-6% of its total runoff;
  2. The world is not running out of water, but water is running out of the continents. The shortage is not water, but storage.
  3. Future urbanization is concentrated in coastal cities, where CR technology thrives as a sustainable, green and low cost technology.

Thus, the IACRR strives to contribute to sustainable development of water resources and the optimisation of global water resources management


The establishment of a coastal reservoir involves activities ranging from urban planning, EIA, conceptual and detailed design, construction and management. To this end, all members from various fields are able to contribute through the stages of development through:

  • Initiation of coastal reservoirs projects;
  • Reviewing CR designs ensure optimization.
  • Dissemination of information and coordination with the local government/communities by forming a specialized task force.
  • Providing feedback on innovations or shortcomings of CR development to the Regional Divisions, National Chapters and the Councils.
  • Participation in funding research, contractor sourcing, or other activities to facilitate coastal reservoirs worldwide.
  • Promotion of coastal reservoirs by engaging public opinion and supporting decision makers.
  • Publication of coastal reservoir articles and papers
  • Advocacy for roles in science/engineering/modeling/construction/ management for developing solutions to global water issues

The successful application of coastal reservoirs is a joint effort by planners, engineers, financiers, decision makers and more. IACRR provides an excellent platform for co-operation between all relevant fields and professionals, and encourages its members to be involved in every aspect of coastal reservoirs from public relations, technical studies, construction, online real-time monitoring, management, and integral development of water resources, land resources and human resources.


The various organisational entities involved are:

  • IACRR Membership: Life fellow, life member, ordinary member, student member, patron member, Institutional member, honorary member.
  • Techinical Divisions : Committees and Working Groups
  • Regional Divisions : National and regional chapters
  • Governing Council: Composed of global representation of members
  • Secretariat: The Secretary, The joint secretary and the treasure and administrative Staff

IACRR is governed by a Council composed of the President, three Vice-Presidents, the Secretary and 5 permanent members from the founding countries and 5 members who are elected by sub committees or the chapters.

The Secretariat, based in Australia is the administrative headquarters and coordinates communication and day-to-day management of the association. It is hosted and supported by the center for Coastal Reservoir Research (CCRR), Univ. of Wollongong, NSW, Australia.

IACRR operates as an Association under Australian law. The By-laws are available in the IACRR Website or from the Secretariat. IACRR’s structure is composed of a number of Technical Divisions and Regional Divisions. The Technical Divisions provide the operational framework for the Technical Committees, which cater to the scientific and engineering needs of its members. The Regional Divisions focus on the proposals, applications and management of coastal reservoirs. IACRR’s activities include convene members in a region for CR’s application specific to a region when opportunities rises. IACRR’s Committees regularly organise conferences and symposia in their own specific fields, provide a basis for collaboration in working groups on specific research themes, the development of monographs, etc. In addition, IACRR supports local initiatives for the formation of local chapters or national committees to enhance and stimulate knowledge exchange on a more local basis.


Upcoming Events

  1. IACRR Workshop

    January 24 - January 26