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Centre for Coastal Reservoir Research


Securing sustainable water supplies to meet the needs of ever-growing coastal populations is a major challenge faced by water authorities across the world. The conventional approaches to dealing with this challenge are framed around the longstanding notion, ‘shortage of water’, which by its very nature limits the scope for exploring the feasibility of innovative solutions.

Research undertaken at the University of Wollongong (UOW) over the past decade has led to the development of a novel solution approach that shifts the focus of the world’s water problem from ‘water shortage’ to ‘water storage’. This solution approach involves an innovative coastal reservoir (CR) design that will harness flood water at sea, at a fraction of the cost of the desalination technologies currently being used. This innovative design of CRs also addresses most of the limitations associated with the first generation of CRs that have been adopted in several countries; for example, the Marina Barrage in Singapore, Plover Cove in Hong Kong and Sihwa Lake in South Korea.

Building on its pioneering work in this area, UOW’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences has taken a crucial step to expedite the development of CRs by setting up the world’s first-of-its kind Centre for Coastal Reservoir Research (CCRR). Through this initiative, UOW has been able to assemble a strong multidisciplinary research team with vast experience and reputation in all requisite areas, including: water resources and coastal engineering, water quality and environmental engineering; geotechnical and structural engineering; and modelling and simulation. This has also meant that CCRR is now able to contribute to any future CR development efforts with the following capabilities.

Second Generation Coastal Reservoir Concept

Silt Curtain System

Saline Water-Fresh Water Mixing

CCRR Capabilities:

  • Conceptual Development and Feasibility Studies
  • Detailed Design and Analysis
  • Water Quality Assessment and Treatment
  • Coastal Engineering
  • Project Evaluation and Risk Assessment
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Feasibility studies of Multi-purpose CRs

CCRR Researcher Profiles

Assoc. Professor Shuqing Yang, BEng, MEng, PhD
Director, CCRR
Areas of Expertise
Water resources engineering; Sediment transport; Turbulent mixing; Physical modelling studies; Hydraulic structures

Assoc. Professor (Siva) Muttucumaru Sivakumar, BSc (Engg), MEng, PhD.
Areas of Expertise
Water quality monitoring, modelling and assessment; Water and wastewater treatment technologies; Contaminant transport and sustainability assessment

Professor Pascal Perez, MSc, PhD
Areas of Expertise
Hydrology; Water quality assessment; Infrastructure engineering; Coastal development

Dr Nicolas Flament, MSc, PhD
Areas of Expertise
Geophysics; Geodynamics; Sea level change

Dr Ajit Godbole, BTech, MS, PhD
Areas of Expertise
Analytical, experimental and computational fluid dynamics; Heat transfer; Thermodynamics

Dr Jayan S. Vinod, PhD
Areas of Expertise
Discrete element modelling of geomaterials; Liquefaction and post liquefaction
behaviour of soils; Ground improvement techniques and energy geotechnics

Dr Senevi Kiridena, PhD
Areas of Expertise
Asset management and systems engineering; Technology and innovation management; Decision analytics and risk management