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IACRR Membership Categories


IACRR memberships offered:
Individual Membership: lifetime fellow, lifetime member, ordinary member and student member.
Institute/Company Memberships: research institutes, companies, engineering firms, universities and consultants.

Benefits for Individual Memberships:
Access to proceedings, papers, online committees, directories, and more. Discounts on all books, monographs and proceedings published by IACRR. Reduced fees for IACRR (co-sponsored) conferences and symposia. Benefits for Institute/Company Memberships: Staff of the institute/company will be entitled to the same benefits as an individual membership In addition to the aforementioned benefits, membership of IACRR provides networking opportunities with organizations from various sectors within the water industry.

Corporate Membership
Only at $1000
Corporate membership. Pay annually to subscribe membership.
Life Time Membership
Only at $250
Life Time Membership. Pay once to subscribe life time membership.
Ordinary Member
Only at $50
Ordinary Member subscription Annual subscription for Ordinary Member
Student Member
Only at $20
Basic membership fur student subscribe for 1 year student membership package
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